International High School Completion

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International students in this program complete the requirements for a U.S. high school diploma and their associate's degree at the same time through dual-credit courses. The average time to completion of both the high school diploma and associate's degree is 2 years.

High School Completion is designed for students aged 16-19. We can evaluate your high school transcripts (Grades 9-12) from your home country or the U.S. to determine which classes still need to be completed. A Washington State high school diploma is recognized both nationally and internationally.

To Be Eligible for This Program

Students must meet the following requirements in order to participate in this program:

  • At least 16 years old by the start of new student orientation
  • Strong academic standing
  • Completed the equivalent of U.S. 9th grade

High School Completion+ students take the same classes as other Shoreline students.365体育官方网址 The credit they receive is used to satisfy the requirements for the high school diploma and for university transfer.

365体育官方网址To receive a high school diploma in Washington State, a specific number of hours of study are required in:

  • language arts
  • occupational education
  • general and lab science
  • U.S. history
  • health and fitness
  • mathematics
  • contemporary issues
  • fine arts
  • Washington State history
  • electives

Students will use the credits they already have from their original high school, plus credits from their Shoreline classes to fulfill those state requirements.

What About My English?

Shoreline does not require international students to take an English proficiency exam before admission. However, if you have taken if you have taken one of English proficiency exams365体育官方网址 that we accept, please submit a copy of your score report with your application.

365体育官方网址If you have not already taken an English proficiency exam, you may take our on-campus placement tests during orientation. The test results are used to place students in classes that will be appropriate for their English and math skill levels. 

365体育官方网址Students who place in the higher levels of Shoreline's ESL program are able to begin taking college classes in combination with their ESL classes, and the highest scoring students may place directly into academic level classes.

*The actual length of time a student will need to complete the associate's degree and the HSC program depends on the student's English and math abilities at the time of enrollment, as well as the actual number of credits taken each quarter.

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Important Dates

Fall Quarter 2020
Orientation: September 14
First day of classes: September 23
Final exams end: December 10

Winter Quarter 2021
Orientation: December 28
First day of classes: January 6
Final exams end: March 24

Spring Quarter 2021

Orientation: March 29
First day of classes: April 5
Final exams end: June 18