International Student Leaders

The International Student Leaders (ISLs) are current international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You'll see them at Orientation, other special events, and usually whenever you visit the International Education office.  Read more about what ISLs do and how to become an ISL.

Gracia, Burundi/Democratic Republic of the Congo

Started at Shoreline365体育官方网址: Winter 2019

Major365体育官方网址: Business/Economics

Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Favorite Food(s): Rice, pototoes, meat, and fish

SCC Clubs/Activities365体育官方网址: Salsa Club

Why she became an ISL365体育官方网址: I love helping other people be more successful by making connections and giving them helpful information they may need either in or out of school. I realized that students need us to help them know more of what’s going on in the campus such as all the opportunities students have and all the services it offers, such as the free tutoring center. I also like making people feel more welcome and comfortable especially for new students, for example by introducing them to other current students and showing them all the benefits the school provides for us.

Why she chose Shoreline365体育官方网址: Shoreline is a diverse place where one feels free and happy to study at. Moreover, Shoreline gives so many opportunities to students such as the free writing studio, tutoring centers, laptops rental, free Microsoft word, job opportunities, and many more to both international and resident students.

Come talk to Gracia if you love music and TV shows, especially “La Casa de Papel,” and have an idea about how to boost knowledge. Also, if you are not sure about something or have any problems, maybe I could help!

Kunthea (Kelly), Cambodia

Started at Shoreline: 365体育官方网址Fall 2018

Major: Business Information Systems

Favorite Classes: Math and English

Shoreline Clubs & Activities365体育官方网址: DECA, Cambodia Students Club, and Swimming Club

Why she chose Shoreline365体育官方网址: I heard that they have transfer agreements with many good universities within and outside the States. The thing that I like best from studying in Shoreline is the friendly environment that Shoreline has. That makes me feel warm and welcome.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: I know studying in college might be stressful, but great things take time. I hope that you all believe in what you are doing. It will be worth it in the end.

How she spends her free time: I like to travel to new places.

Come talk to Kelly if you like to study abroad and share some tips to your classmates at Shoreline!

Wenheng (Sylvia), China

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2018

Major: User Interface Design

Favorite Foods: Caramel pudding, spicy hot pot, and Japanese cuisine.

Shoreline Clubs & Activities365体育官方网址: Shoreline Vocal Association

Why she became an ISL: To be an ISL, first, it is meaningful to me to be someone who can really help people. Meanwhile, I can improve myself in the process of helping others. Another thing that motivated me to join the ISLs is that when I was a new student at orientation in a whole new environment, the thought of studying in a whole different country made me feel confused, but the ISLs helped me a lot to get familiar with the school and life here and I felt much better.

Why she chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because is is suitable for a person who has a strong purpose to transfer to a 4-year university. Moreover, Shoreline is a quiet place to study next to Boeing Creek Park. The thing I like the most about studying and living here is that we can meet people from various countries and different cultures. We talk, we become friends, we learn that we have so many differences but it is interesting.

Come talk to Sylvia if you have any questions or you like music or art or you want to make friends!

Maghara (MG), Indonesia

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2018

Major: Business

Favorite Food365体育官方网址: Fried rice

Shoreline Clubs & Activities365体育官方网址: DECA and SCC Economics Research Group

Why he chose Shoreline365体育官方网址: The resources given to the students are boundless. There are a lot of opportunities and experiences that students obtain studying in Shoreline. You can somehow feel that the college cares a lot about its students!

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Be active and engaged with opportunities being offered by the campus and also stay focused on your classes. Do remember that adapting to a new environment is difficult, so don’t hesitate to seek someone for help. Furthermore, keep in mind to utilize your time productively studying abroad!

How he spends his free time: I either go out shopping or try a variety of cuisines around Seattle. Most of the time, I prefer spending my free time at home.

Come talk MG if you’re confident and brave enough to talk and want to get to know me (no seriously talk to me about literally anything, I’ll keep you company).

Jia-Tong, Taiwan

Started at Shoreline365体育官方网址: Fall 2018

Major365体育官方网址: Informatics

Favorite Classes365体育官方网址: Computer Science

Favorite Foods365体育官方网址: Taiwanese food

Why she became an ISL: I want to encourage students to engage more in school activities rather than only studying. I also like to meet and help students from all over the world to make them feel welcome when they are thousands of miles away from their families.

Why she chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because it is has a beautiful campus with a diverse group of people. Shoreline also has a supportive environment with professors and staff willing to answer any questions you have.

Come talk to Jia-Tong if you like to eat or would like to share restaurants with good food!

Pattanich (Idea), Thailand

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2018

Major: Nutrition and Food Science

Dream Job: Food Scientist and Entrepreneur

Shoreline Clubs & Activities365体育官方网址: International Student Club, SCC Cheer, and also other various clubs

Why she became an ISL365体育官方网址: Shoreline has given me an abundance of experiences and opportunities, therefore I’m willing to give back by becoming an ISL. This is a great opportunity to help me learn and grow as a person, and also to create a welcoming environment for current and prospective students.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Remember that no one here knows who you are, who you were, and who you will be. This is your experience. Be whoever you want to be and make the most out of it. Don’t be afraid of change, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

How she spends her free time: Hang out with friends and go shopping.

Come talk to Idea if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to! I’m here if you’re struggling with anything!